Kia FUTURON 2-Door Crossover Concept EV

John Coulter is a co-founder and the Chief Marketing Officer of – the world’s first car-shopping website devoted entirely to the sale and lease of electric vehicles. CURRENT EV sells and leases all the EVs, plug-in hybrids and hybrids available, with the exception of Tesla. Registered with the State of California as an auto dealer/broker, CURRENT EV’s unique EV shopping methodology represents the future of automobile leasing and purchasing. 99% of the company’s transactions are leases – the preferred basis for driving an EV, hybrid or plug-in.


The company was named CURRENT EV for 2 reasons. The double entendre stands for the “current” Clean Technology vehicles the company represents, and the non-CO2-polluting electric “current” that operates them.


The website designed by John includes a unique car shopping tool – Find The Best Price – that customers use for free to “build” their vehicle and anonymously obtain low offers from LA dealerships. Having all the EVs and hybrids displayed on one website allows customers to peruse specs, photos and info of each car, without needing to move from one site to another. The site’s three tools – Compare Cars, Find The Right Car and Find The Best Deal, provide CURRENT EV customers with many options for adopting the EV Lifestyle.


Via this online Amazon-like shopping paradigm, CURRENT EV is stimulating highly efficient e-commerce of electric vehicles in Los Angeles; one of the three top EV adoption cities in the USA. This streamlined methodology gets rid of annoying price haggling and lengthy visits to dealerships. CURRENT EV keeps your personal contact info private until you accept an offer. No salesman call you. Customers can sign paperwork and pick up their new car at the dealership, or have their new vehicle delivered to them.


CURRENT EV’s service is free. Receiving its commission from the dealership instead of its customers, CURRENT EV negotiates prices that are consistently lower than what car-shoppers can obtain on their own. The company’s free service doesn’t stop after you get your car: you can call CURRENT EV with questions about your vehicle at any time. CURRENT EV advisors can help you install a charger, apply for a Federal Tax Credit, state rebates and HOV stickers. The benefits from driving an EV are enormous; they’re explained in detail on the “Why drive an EV?” page.


As of 2021, the portfolio contains approximately 70 electric vehicles, hybrids and plug-in hybrids. The number of EVs brokered by the company will dramatically increase over the next few years. Shown below are some of the electric vehicles in CURRENT EV’s portfolio, plus 7 Concept EVs and new EVs coming to market soon:

Row 1 (Top): Porsche Taycan, Mercedes Benz EQA, Ford Mustang, Audi eTron Sportback

Row 2: Volkswagen I.D. Crozz, Cadillac Crossover (Concept), Audi e-Tron, Lotus Evija

Row 3: Infinity QX Inspiration (Concept), BMW Vision M NEXT, Byton M-Byte, Kia Imagine (Concept)

Row 4: Audi AI:ME (Concept), Mazda MX-30, Genesis Essentia (Concept), Kia Futuron (Concept)

Row 5 (Bottom): BMW iNEXT, Volvo XC40, Nissan Ariya (Concept), Lucid Air


CURRENT EV’s Covid 19 Safe EV Buying/Leasing Program:

CURRENT EV offers unique Covid 19 Safe Options for our customers. We interface with dealers to schedule test drives and car evaluations at dealerships, or at a customer’s home. Cars are sanitized prior to test drives. Gloved and masked CURRENT EV advisors are present during your car evaluation(s) to answer your EV questions, help you make the correct vehicle choice and explain your purchase or lease options in detail.


When you’re ready to pick up your car, or have it delivered to you, CURRENT EV advisors can be present to insure the

experience is smooth and safe. Prior to the hand off, CURRENT EV makes sure your car is completely disinfected. EVs can

be delivered to your doorstep to insure your safety, which is the key to our Covid 19 Safe EV Buying/Leasing Program.